[This article was published in the 21st issue of Nida'ul Islam
magazine (), December-January 1997-1998]

The Dwelling of Our Scholars

Prepared by: Nida'ul Islam

So that our Ummah does not forget these mighty heros... and so that the sheikhs and scholars can be decorated with the attributes of the hard working devout scholars... So that their story will speak for them as upholders of Truth, we offer this report..

Our Muslim nation has distinguished itself throughout history by correcting its path and purifying itself from the deviations which are being practiced by the arrogant and corrupt and corrupters in the world.

Muslim scholars have put up with harassment, imprisonment and torture in order to raise high the banner of Tawheed (Monotheism) clear of the blemishes of kufr, misguidance or deviation.

These noble men have set great examples; Imam Malik for one became paralyzed in his arms because of the torture inflicted upon him. The case was the same with the Imam Abu Hanifah and likewise with Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal who was pursued by three of the Abbasid Caliphs, putting him in prison and subjecting him to torture because of his stance with respect to the nature of the Qur'an; yet the torture did not stop him from remaining upright for the Truth and defending the Creed.

Sheikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyah also rose to the defence of Islam through his knowledge authoring more than 500 treatises, and through his sword by fighting against the invading Tatars.

Ibn Taymiyya was not safe from the abuse of the conspirators until he died in his prison, leaving behind an invaluable library that is studied by scholars to this day.

The time for our community to revive from its prolonged oblivion has - alhamdilllah - arrived, it is the time for our community to be liberated from the dominance of the disbelievers and their apostate puppets. Allah has appointed for this task scholars who practice what they preach. They have revived it afresh, sacrificing the dear, offering body and soul in the path of Allah, persevering with the Word of Truth, challenging the tyrant, his might, and his power.

As a result, the youth have gathered around them, calling to the religion approved by Allah, commanding decency and forbidding indecency, loving the duty of Jihad in the path of Allah. The new movement caused fear amongst the Arab governments, the Kremlin, and the White House.

As tyrants do in every time and place, they worked to silence these voices before their threat becomes more concrete and hence difficult to contain.

They waved a secret conspiracy to paralyse the efforts of these scholars wherever they were.

Sayyid Qutb's martyrdom was the price of his book "Milestones". These milestones were in fact the torch which lit the way for the Muslim youth.

He was followed by many, until the arrival of the Mujahid Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, the reviver of the Jihad ideals in the modern world. He also fell martyr as he was assassinated along with two of his sons at the hands of the enemies of Allah.

The episodes of the conspiracy continued.. Sheikh Abu Talal Al-Qasimy, one of the leaders of Al-Jama'a Al-Islamia in Egypt was kidnapped. The kidnap was jointly orchestrated by the American, the Croatian, and the Egyptian secret services.

Prior to him came the role of the two sheikhs, Salman and Safar who refused to retreat from their stand against the despots of Al Saud and their puppets who tried to change the religion to the whims of their masters, those who strayed and lost others with their deviant verdicts.

As for the devout scholar Dr Omar Abdul Rahman, despite his loss of sight since childhood, he did not take rest from fulfilling the trust and proclaiming the Truth in the face of the despots, arguing with them with clear proof and indisputable evidence. He is the Mujahid who took his great stance in the most trying circumstances, declaring the illegality of praying at the funeral of the despotic Jamal Abdul Naser of Egypt, because Abdul Naser was a Kafir. He refused to pray over Abdul Naser despite the orders from the authorities to do so.

He also had a number of stances during the governments of the despots Sadat, and the current Egyptian pharaoh Mubarak. He was able to leave Egypt and finally settled in the United States of America, where he continued to uphold the Truth. As a result, conspiracies were plotted, and he was framed for the World Trade Center bombing and sentenced by a Jewish Judge for life in solitary confinement -May Allah release him soon.

There was also Sheikh Ali Belhaj and Abbasi Madani, the two renowned leaders of the Islamic Movement in Algeria, who were put behind bars for demanding the Rule of Islam.

So was the Sheikh of Palestine Ahmad Yaseen, the paralised leader of the Mujahideen, whose bad illnesses and incarceration did not deter him from upholding the Truth, and refusing to compromise his stance against the Israeli occupation.

So that our Ummah does not forget these mighty heros... and so that the sheikhs and scholars can be decorated with the attributes of the hard working devout scholars... So that their story will speak for them as upholders of Truth, we offer this report.

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